Botanical Zoo Airbnb Apt – HCMC, Vietnam

I love living on Airbnb because you get to experience local areas that you sometimes wouldn't get to discover on your own. The building is quiet and off the tourist's beaten path, but only a few minutes away from the city center. I'm really enjoying the downtown skyline, the animals, and the Saigon river views. How cool is it to have a balcony overlooking the animals playing

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What to do in Bangkok – 3 Day Guide

Bangkok is a vibrant city full of colorful temples, beautiful architecture, yummy bites, fancy rooftop bars, and more! Think NYC...without the snow. My sister came to visit so I planned an itinerary based on a few of my favorite things. Here is my suggested 3 day guide for Bangkok: Day 1: River/Old Town Area *Try some local food. If you're not sure where to start, Pad Thai or Chicken Curry won't

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Jazz Hotel, Dog Friendly Beach Hotel in Da Nang, Vietnam

Growing up a South Florida girl, the beach has always been my home. I always miss the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea, and the breeze on my skin. After 2 months in the capitol of Vietnam, it's time to break out of the city and get some vitamin sea! Hey, if you're non stop working, you might as well enjoy your

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HUFFINGTON POST – 12 Awesome Things That Make Austin The Perfect Getaway

Featured on The Huffington Post! Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in America, which doesn't surprise anyone who's visited. It's the perfect spot for the foodie, the adventurer, the music lover, the fashionista, the party goer, and even the dog lovers! No matter what you're into, there are events every day, all over this walkable town. All of the perks of the big city,

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St. Joseph’s Cathedral – Hanoi, Vietnam

Located just a few blocks over from Hoan Kiem Lake in the old quarter, sits the oldest church in Hanoi, St. Joseph's Cathedral. This beautiful, neo-gothic style cathedral is a must see when in Hanoi, Vietnam! There was a mass in session when we visited so the front doors were wide open with views of beautiful stain glass windows and the priest on a loud mic so the public could hear. The exterior

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Pet Friendly Beach Hotel Near Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam is a modern city full of everything you could imagine - delicious food, flavorful coffee, malls, movie theaters, karaoke spots, shopping, and so much more. It's been quite an adventure exploring the city but after killing ourselves with work these past few weeks, it was time to leave the chaotic city for the weekend to refresh. If you're in Hanoi and looking for a nice beachside

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Best Spring Break Destination for Adults: Las Catalinas

Las Catalinas is a d r e a m. Pura vida {Costa Rica’s country motto, pure life} can be easily achieved in this enchanting pedestrian town with it’s old quarter style to your left and it’s private black sand beach to your right. The sound of waves crashing heard from your front door will surely make you want to hit the beach or the outdoors as early as you can. You can rent all sorts

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ELITE DAILY – 8 Tips On How To Travel The World With Your Dog

FEATURED on ELITE DAILY! Thanks to the benefit of owning our own business and being able to work remotely, we decided to get rid of our place in Miami and travel the world. It’s a term freshly known as being a “digital nomad.” But when we announced this plan to family and friends, the question I got repeatedly was, “What about Riles?” They were talking about our 8-year-old

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How to Travel to Vietnam with a US passport

You're dreaming of delicious Pho, strolling through the old quarter, trekking through rice fields, and kayaking in Halong Bay...but where to start? Planning out travel with all of the entry rules is confusing - especially if you don't speak the language and you're planning a trip across the world. Some of the questions you're trying to google will give you mixed answers about visas, stay length,

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Zilker Neighborhood – Austin, TX

Living off Airbnb gives you an amazing opportunity to explore in neighborhoods {and houses!} that you wouldn't otherwise find {or be able to afford}. I'm absolutely in love with this neighborhood we're currently in, Zilker, in south Austin. We're walking distance to Barton Springs, Zilker Park, all of South Lamar - with lots of nature, restaurants, stores, and more. Here are some pics of our airbnb,

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