HUFFINGTON POST – 12 Awesome Things That Make Austin The Perfect Getaway

Featured on The Huffington Post! Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in America, which doesn't surprise anyone who's visited. It's the perfect spot for the foodie, the adventurer, the music lover, the fashionista, the party goer, and even the dog lovers! No matter what you're into, there are events every day, all over this walkable town. All of the perks of the big city,

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3 Must-Visit Rooftop Bars in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is fast paced; Full of life and bright lights. Stepping out into the streets of this city as a foreigner is a bit shocking. 3 million scooters weaving in and out of each other like ants in a non-traditional traffic dance. The majority of the buildings here are slender and multi level, featuring elevated views, and offering an escape from the commotion. Whether you're looking for a romantic spot or

3 Must-Visit Rooftop Bars in Hanoi, Vietnam2016-12-04T21:53:41-05:00

Zilker Neighborhood – Austin, TX

Living off Airbnb gives you an amazing opportunity to explore in neighborhoods {and houses!} that you wouldn't otherwise find {or be able to afford}. I'm absolutely in love with this neighborhood we're currently in, Zilker, in south Austin. We're walking distance to Barton Springs, Zilker Park, all of South Lamar - with lots of nature, restaurants, stores, and more. Here are some pics of our airbnb,

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Austin’s Sixth Street – Austin, TX

Sixth street is one of the most iconic places in Austin and helped name the city "The live music capital of the world". Tons of restaurants, bars, and shops - with many of them hosting live music events every night of the week. What I've learned from locals is that Sixth street is divided into 3 parts: West Sixth, East Sixth, and most famous - Dirty Sixth.

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New Eats – Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee sure has changed in the past few years. Going back for football season this year allowed us to enjoy some of the new eats all over town.   The Edison The setting and ambience of this transformed warehouse did not exist in Tallahassee before! I really enjoyed the vibe and food - but the service is REALLY lacking. Level 8 Happy hour here the

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The Lookout, Playa del Coco, CR

It's called The Lookout for a reason - the view is unbeatable {hello double rainbow!} Overlooking Playa del Coco's lush greenery and ocean inlet from above paired with delicious food is a recipe for success! We went several times during our stay in Playa del Coco, enjoying the views, the Oysters, and the Craft Beers. Skip the lobster grilled cheese and order all of the yummy

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Lupe Tortilla, Houston, TX

Mexican food is my favorite but thanks to my corn allergy - I don't get to enjoy it anymore. Luckily for me, Lupe Tortilla has lots of corn-free {and delicious} options. If you're in the Houston area looking for some delicious Tex-Mex, you must check out this spot! I loved the Chicken Tocino {shown below} - 2 marinated grilled chicken breasts topped with bacon +

Lupe Tortilla, Houston, TX2016-12-04T22:25:21-05:00

Midtown Houston, TX

Midtown was the place most recommended for us to visit in Houston, so we headed over for Sunday Funday! All of the restaurants and bars were packed and full of red, white, and blue for the Texan's Sunday NFL game. You can easily restaurant and barhop around as they are all walking distance from each other. Everyone was right... I liked this area a lot - a nice

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Pork Steak House, Liberia, CR

After hiking through the Lllanos de Cortez waterfall we definitely worked up an appetite. The closest city between the waterfall and where we were staying {Playas del Coco} was Liberia, so we stopped for a bite. Liberia isn't my favorite - very dirty and downtown like with lots of one way streets and tiny fast food joints and stores, but we did happen to stumble upon

Pork Steak House, Liberia, CR2016-12-04T22:26:04-05:00

Caliche’s Wishbone – Jaco, CR

After watching an episode about Jaco on the Travel Channel, I NEEDED to check out a few places they featured including Caliche’s Wishbone. This restaurant has been one of my favorites so far in Costa Rica - everyone knows I love a tuna poke but the mouthwatering wood oven stuffed potato has inspired me to bring a similar dish back to the US. I would return to

Caliche’s Wishbone – Jaco, CR2016-12-04T22:26:17-05:00
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