After being in the middle of no where in Playa Dante for the past month, we were shocked to arrive in Coco and see this HUGE Hardrock in a large plaza {Pacifico}. Some of the guys in Las Catalinas told us about it but we kind of laughed it off, “we aren’t going to go there.” Guess what was the first place we ate at in Coco? :p

Hardrock Guanacaste is probably the nicest that I’ve seen. Its plush seating, fancy decor, and shiny back splashes give more of a lounge vibe than your average Hardrock in the US. We enjoyed listening to the endless Bob Marley and Queen songs but were surprised about how expensive the food was – $14 potato skins and a $18 sandwich! If you’re missing some American food, check it out!

hardrock guanacastehardrock guanacastehardrock guanacaste

hardrock guanacastehardrock guanacaste hardrock guanacaste hardrock guanacaste


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