Driving from Playa Danta to Playa del Coco, CR

driving to playa del coco

For the majority of the places we visited in Costa Rica, we easily found routes through Google Maps. I think because we visited bigger cities/touristy areas – we luckily only had a couple of SCARY times without service/maps. So here we are again traveling easily with Google {wee!} but I didn’t expect the route to be so crazy!

TIP: If you are heading from one Guanacaste area to the next…make sure you have a SUV that can handle the roads, ESPECIALLY if you are traveling during the rainy season. They literally seem to be made for dirt bikes – lots of large hills, rocks, potholes, and full of dirt and mud.

I was holding on the door handle the whole time and poor Riley threw up. It felt like we were on the Jurassic Park shaky car ride at Dave & Busters. One funny note, we did spot a bunch of cows that got out of the fence and couldn’t figure out how to get back in LOL.

driving to playa del coco driving to playa del coco driving to playa del coco driving to playa del coco

XO, Bri


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