Llanos de Cortez Waterfall, CR

Llanos de Cortez Waterfall is a secret gem that's mostly Ticos. It's about 30 minutes from Liberia Airport and 1 hour from Playa del Coco, Costa Rica - an easy day trip. Did I mention it's FREE? A small donation to a local school ($2) and $5 parking opens up a day of exploring at this beauty. You can enjoy swimming in the water, a

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Driving from Playa Danta to Playa del Coco, CR

For the majority of the places we visited in Costa Rica, we easily found routes through Google Maps. I think because we visited bigger cities/touristy areas - we luckily only had a couple of SCARY times without service/maps. So here we are again traveling easily with Google {wee!} but I didn't expect the route to be so crazy! TIP: If you are heading from one Guanacaste

Driving from Playa Danta to Playa del Coco, CR2016-12-04T21:58:17-05:00

Playa del Coco, CR – Plants

Walking around the neighborhood {Las Palmas} in Playa del Coco, Costa Rica was a nature lovers dream! Almost everywhere I looked there were flowers with pops of pink, orange, and yellow. Here are some of my favorites.      XO, Bri

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Discovery Green, Downtown Houston, TX

Discovery Green is a beautiful 12-acre park and entertainment space in the heart of Downtown Houston. They have local free events almost every day "aiming to promote health and happiness". We went on Saturday night and found lots of local vendors, food trucks, talented artists, and a fun live band. The park was also sponsoring a large dog event {see dog pool in last picture}. No matter what age you

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Cedar Creek, Houston, TX

Cedar Creek Cafe is a little bit of Austin in Houston! Enjoy delicious bbq, drinks, and art on their awesome outside patio sitting next to {you guessed it, a creek}. It was pretty busy, but our food came out quickly and the weather was nice enough to enjoy the great outdoor atmosphere.   

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Midtown Houston, TX

Midtown was the place most recommended for us to visit in Houston, so we headed over for Sunday Funday! All of the restaurants and bars were packed and full of red, white, and blue for the Texan's Sunday NFL game. You can easily restaurant and barhop around as they are all walking distance from each other. Everyone was right... I liked this area a lot - a nice

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Playa del Coco – Beach

Playa del Coco is by far my favorite town in Costa Rica and the beach doesn't disappoint either! The darker sand and calm waves surrounded by greenery makes it a perfect place to chill out. You can catch tons of boats and water sports here as well as restaurants, bars, and a nice walkway along the water. Here are some of my favorite pictures I

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Playa Flamingo, CR

Where we're at is pretty remote {Las Catalinas - Playa Danta, CR} and there's only 1 taxi driver that will come to this area so we haven't ventured outside too much. But in honor of the birthday princess {hehe} and Heath visiting from LA - we headed a few beach towns over to honor my birthday wishes - a sunset and a delicious meal. Part 1 Wish: Sunset Location:

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Pacifico Beach Club – Playa del Coco, CR

After looking at the menu for Pacifico on Tripadvisor, I was super excited to check out this place and enjoy the ocean view sunset {they’re located straight on the sand!} They used to be a members only beach club but are now open to the public – yippee! We headed over on Friday and enjoyed live music, happy hour, oceanfront sunset, and really fresh food. We

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Hardrock Guanacaste – Playa del Coco, CR

After being in the middle of no where in Playa Dante for the past month, we were shocked to arrive in Coco and see this HUGE Hardrock in a large plaza {Pacifico}. Some of the guys in Las Catalinas told us about it but we kind of laughed it off, “we aren’t going to go there.” Guess what was the first place we ate at in

Hardrock Guanacaste – Playa del Coco, CR2016-12-04T22:26:33-05:00
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