Cafe de Playa – Playa del Coco, CR

Coco is fun because there are so many different restaurants to explore {my favorite!} This boutique hotel is popping with pink {another favorite}, friendly staff, and perfect oceanfront views but the restaurant is lacking with overpriced and average food. We ordered a tuna tartare, stuffed mushrooms, and a seafood platter – all were pretty disappointing. If you’re in the area looking for a chic place, I

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Java 654 Coffee Shop – Playa del Coco, CR

Stumbled upon this little gem when the internet went out at our apartment during work hours and Java Coffee saved us {with internet + caffeine}. Java 654 is a great little coffee shop in the front of the Las Palmas neighborhood with a welcoming staff, fresh coffee and food, and great internet! They have indoor and outdoor seating, a book exchange, and games to play. They

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Bahia del Sol – Playa Potrero, CR

Saturday was Michael’s birthday so we ventured out of Las Catalinas for a day of relaxation and fun! It’s hard to get out of Las Catalinas or around the area without a car – there’s only 1 taxi here and he’s sketched out on us 2 times now {ugh!} After a rough start and finally getting a taxi sent by the hotel, we were on our

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Hiking at Las Catalinas, CR

Life at Las Catalinas, CR is beautiful - but one of my favorite parts of this little town are all of the different hiking and biking trails surrounding us with unparalleled views. I'll continue to update this post as we hike more but here are some of the top spots I've seen so far. Enjoy the gifts of nature <3 XO, Bri

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Riley, {Playa Danta} Beach Pup

Riley loves Playa Danta at Las Catalinas {but only when the tide is low lol!} I take him over every late afternoon and enjoy seeing him run around like crazy. He's still scared of the water and the sound of the loud waves crashing, but is getting a little more fearless each day here. I think he really enjoys exploring the open space and the sand

Riley, {Playa Danta} Beach Pup2016-12-04T22:27:34-05:00

Jacó, Costa Rica

Jaco is a popular beach to visit from the city since it’s only an hour and a half west of San Jose. People seem to have a love/hate relationship with Jaco because of its touristy like strip. Being from the US, that obviously doesn’t bother me at all – I found the little town to be full of excellent waves, cool restaurants, and partying surfers with a gorgeous

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Avenida Escazú + Neighborhood

It’s funny because we’ve been here {in Escazu, CR} for almost a month now and every time I talk to someone back home and mention our surroundings they seem so shocked. “Wait, you’re at Starbucks?!” Yep, plazas in Escazu remind me a lot of Miami – but happen to have a gorgeous mountain backdrop and 70 degree weather. Here are some pictures and a couple of videos

Avenida Escazú + Neighborhood2016-12-04T22:28:22-05:00

Escazú Scenery

We took a quick walk around our neighborhood {in Escazu} and stumbled upon this gem at the end of the road. Perla {the house dog} also enjoys adventuring with us lol. I captured the walk step by step…it was definitely a breath of fresh air. PS – Next time I will wear real shoes even if we’re just “taking a walk down the street”. 😉

Escazú Scenery2016-12-04T22:28:30-05:00
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