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I’m finally getting a chance to post all of our pictures from our fun all-inclusive vacation in the Bahamas at Memories Grand Bahama. It was booked months before we decided to move and become digital nomads – not to mention, when I asked if we should buy the trip insurance – Michael was like “heck na” lol. I’m actually glad we got a little break in between the moving and work stress back at home. The flight from Miami was so short… it felt like as soon as we were up in the sky we were already coming down… that’s my kind of flight 😉

Food: The sushi and the steak {reservation required} restaurants were great and we went several times – the buffet food and the sports bar were okay. We didn’t try the Italian restaurant or the Hibachi because I can’t eat anything there.

Drinks: Upon arrival you are handed a bahama mama or a mai tai to get you in the vacation mood! My favorite spot was the bar in the pool – the bartenders were hilarious. There were also 2 bars inside, 2 bars outside, a sports bar which stayed upon until 3am, a casino, and all of the restaurants listed above. The bartenders will make you a smoothie, an alcoholic beverage, or just something refreshing. They also have a great coffee bar – I went several times 🙂

Beach: Very similar to Miami with light blue, soft waves, and thin, white sand. Had tons of chairs but they need to do a better job 1. making sure there are enough clean towels, 2. not allowing people to leave their towel to claim chairs all day.

Room: We got a deluxe room so I think it was above “standard”. It had a plush king size bed, small dining set, couch {pulled out into a queen size bed}, a small bathroom, and a patio overlooking the ocean. The only complaint I would have is the small bathroom, but we barely spent any time in the room. There were also rooms that you could upgrade to that had private Jacuzzis attached outside.

Diamond Club: Definitely has it’s perks with upgraded rooms, exclusive diamond club bar/snacks, no reservation required dinners, separate area on the beach with nice cushion beds, and your own waiters.

I was a little skeptical about the all-inclusive resort because I hear it’s very hit or miss but honestly we had an awesome time and would definitely love to return with friends. This place is all about having a great time and even hire “fun” staff to get you in the party/vacation mood {not that it takes much for us anyways, lol!}. We enjoyed unlimited food and drinks on the beach or in the pool – what’s not to love.


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