We arrived at Pasada el Quijote and were greeted by a smiling Alcides and a tail waggin’ Perla. This boutique hotel is comfy and luckily for us {during off season} was very quiet and mostly empty. Situated 20 minutes from the airport, 10 minutes to Escazu, 15 mins from San Jose, and walking distance from many restaurants and stores, Pasada el Quijote was a great start to our digital nomad life. Bjorn {the owner} and Alcides {Manager} were both super friendly and helped us with suggestions and cabs. My favorite part of the stay was the lush garden and the delicious {free} breakfast made to order every day. Alcides really taught us the meaning of “Pura Vida” and welcomed us as family. I would definitely return!

XO, Bri


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