Pet Friendly Airbnb Casa del Coco, Playa del Coco, CR

If you're looking for a place to stay in Playa del Coco, you must check out this Airbnb - Casa del Coco. The owner {Amanda} is so welcoming and you can tell that she has put a lot of love and details into the apartment. We visited 12 different parts of Costa Rica and Playas del Coco and Casa del Coco is by far our

Pet Friendly Airbnb Casa del Coco, Playa del Coco, CR2016-12-04T22:30:12-05:00

Hiking at Las Catalinas, CR

Life at Las Catalinas, CR is beautiful - but one of my favorite parts of this little town are all of the different hiking and biking trails surrounding us with unparalleled views. I'll continue to update this post as we hike more but here are some of the top spots I've seen so far. Enjoy the gifts of nature <3 XO, Bri

Hiking at Las Catalinas, CR2016-12-04T22:27:16-05:00

Riley, {Playa Danta} Beach Pup

Riley loves Playa Danta at Las Catalinas {but only when the tide is low lol!} I take him over every late afternoon and enjoy seeing him run around like crazy. He's still scared of the water and the sound of the loud waves crashing, but is getting a little more fearless each day here. I think he really enjoys exploring the open space and the sand

Riley, {Playa Danta} Beach Pup2016-12-04T22:27:34-05:00

Pet Friendly Posada el Quijote – Escazú, Costa Rica

We arrived at Pasada el Quijote and were greeted by a smiling Alcides and a tail waggin’ Perla. This boutique hotel is comfy and luckily for us {during off season} was very quiet and mostly empty. Situated 20 minutes from the airport, 10 minutes to Escazu, 15 mins from San Jose, and walking distance from many restaurants and stores, Pasada el Quijote was a great

Pet Friendly Posada el Quijote – Escazú, Costa Rica2016-12-04T22:30:57-05:00
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