Avenida Escazú + Neighborhood

It’s funny because we’ve been here {in Escazu, CR} for almost a month now and every time I talk to someone back home and mention our surroundings they seem so shocked. “Wait, you’re at Starbucks?!” Yep, plazas in Escazu remind me a lot of Miami – but happen to have a gorgeous mountain backdrop and 70 degree weather. Here are some pictures and a couple of videos

Avenida Escazú + Neighborhood2016-12-04T22:28:22-05:00

Escazú Scenery

We took a quick walk around our neighborhood {in Escazu} and stumbled upon this gem at the end of the road. Perla {the house dog} also enjoys adventuring with us lol. I captured the walk step by step…it was definitely a breath of fresh air. PS – Next time I will wear real shoes even if we’re just “taking a walk down the street”. 😉

Escazú Scenery2016-12-04T22:28:30-05:00

No One Likes Shady Beaches

Keep the good vibes going the next few months with this perfect summer motto – “No One Likes Shady Beaches”. I’ve teamed up with Sociable Apparel to offer you 20% off this cute summer tank – use promo code {BRIANNEJULY}. Tuck it in, tie it in a knot, or let it hang loose {allowing full bikini coverage}. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun with some sunnies and

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Pet Friendly Posada el Quijote – Escazú, Costa Rica

We arrived at Pasada el Quijote and were greeted by a smiling Alcides and a tail waggin’ Perla. This boutique hotel is comfy and luckily for us {during off season} was very quiet and mostly empty. Situated 20 minutes from the airport, 10 minutes to Escazu, 15 mins from San Jose, and walking distance from many restaurants and stores, Pasada el Quijote was a great

Pet Friendly Posada el Quijote – Escazú, Costa Rica2016-12-04T22:30:57-05:00