Playa del Coco – Beach

Playa del Coco is by far my favorite town in Costa Rica and the beach doesn't disappoint either! The darker sand and calm waves surrounded by greenery makes it a perfect place to chill out. You can catch tons of boats and water sports here as well as restaurants, bars, and a nice walkway along the water. Here are some of my favorite pictures I

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Bahia del Sol – Playa Potrero, CR

Saturday was Michael’s birthday so we ventured out of Las Catalinas for a day of relaxation and fun! It’s hard to get out of Las Catalinas or around the area without a car – there’s only 1 taxi here and he’s sketched out on us 2 times now {ugh!} After a rough start and finally getting a taxi sent by the hotel, we were on our

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Riley, {Playa Danta} Beach Pup

Riley loves Playa Danta at Las Catalinas {but only when the tide is low lol!} I take him over every late afternoon and enjoy seeing him run around like crazy. He's still scared of the water and the sound of the loud waves crashing, but is getting a little more fearless each day here. I think he really enjoys exploring the open space and the sand

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No One Likes Shady Beaches

Keep the good vibes going the next few months with this perfect summer motto – “No One Likes Shady Beaches”. I’ve teamed up with Sociable Apparel to offer you 20% off this cute summer tank – use promo code {BRIANNEJULY}. Tuck it in, tie it in a knot, or let it hang loose {allowing full bikini coverage}. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun with some sunnies and

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